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Dive into the complete series (so far!). DVDs 1-11 take your family all the way from Genesis to Acts. Watch through the complete Old Testament then learn all about God’s perfect timing and meet Jesus in DVD 10 and find out all about Paul’s letters to the Church in DVD 11.

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This video series is fantastic! Orginally I purchased the series for helping an adult new believer learn Bible stories quickly and in a way that would be remembered and I knew it would double as healthy entertainment that would minister to my grandkids. Well it has been quite educational, not only for the target audience, but also for myself and my 11 year-old daughter! It has been well worth the money spent and we haven't seen all the videos yet. Thank you for a fun format that is such a blessing! I also am a devoted fan of VeggieTales! I'd be hard pressed to choose between Bob and Larry :-) God Bless!