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Seeing Jesus In Genesis

After the resurrection, when Jesus used Scripture to explain who He was and why He came, where did He start? In the Old Testament. And this is where The Promised One begins to look for Christ, finding Him in the people, promises, and patterns of the Old Testament scriptures.

With contagious passion and theological soundness, Bible teacher Nancy Guthrie shows how the book of Genesis points us to the person of Christ. Throughout ten weeks of guided personal study, relevant teaching, and thoughtful discussion questions, The Promised One will help you make new discoveries of Jesus as seen in the shadows of the Old Testament; apply the gospel found in Genesis to issues such as shame, fear, and the desire for security and significance; and develop your longing for what is ahead when the world is once again made new.

Gain a fresh perspective on the book of Genesis, a broader understanding of Jesus as the fulfillment of Scripture, and much more, when you join with Nancy on this incredible journey to see Jesus in the Old Testament!

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Sessions include:

Session 1: The Road to Emmaus
Session 2: Creation
Session 3: The Fall
Session 4: Noah and the Flood
Session 5: The Tower of Babel
Session 6: Abraham
Session 7: Abraham and Isaac
Session 8: Jacob
Session 9: Joseph
Session 10: The Sons of Jacob

About Nancy Guthrie

Nancy Guthrie teaches the Bible at her home church, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, as well as at conferences around the country and internationally, and through books and DVDs in the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament series. She offers companionship and biblical insight to the grieving through Respite Retreats that she and her husband, David, host for couples who have faced the death of child, through the GriefShare video series, and through books such as Holding on to Hope and Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow.

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