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Romans Vol. 1: The Letter That Changed the World by Tommy Nelson

The most important idea in the Bible is how a Holy God can get a sinful man into Heaven and not compromise who He is. Romans tell us just that! It sits as Master of the House before all of Paul's writings. It is the Bible in miniature. It is the most important singular document ever penned by man and only inspiration could make it so.

In our study in Romans we will look at Paul's unfolding logic and incisive reasoning as to the divinity and holiness of the Christian gospel. When this book has been understood reformation and new life follow shortly. Romans is set at just the perfect pace for any Christian who wants to understand the most central book in the Bible.

This download is intended for single use. If you are in need of multiple study guides, then please purchase additional downloads — either multiple single-license downloads or the discounted 10-pack license.

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5 Stars
Great Bible study for groups

I have ordered this study to review and plan on ordering more of these Bible studies for a group Bible Study. Tommy Nelson is always Biblically sound and interesting. His study on Romans is excellent!

3 Stars
Difficult to print

I ordered multiple copies with the intention of having hard copies printed for the ladies in my small group. They are uncomfortable with technology and some don't own computers. I kept getting an error when I tried to print on my home printer. I can't convert to any other format and when I was able to print a copy, some of the letters printed as symbols. There was another version of a study guide I had looked at earlier, but when I tried to order that one, I received an error stating the link was no longer valid. Seems as though some updating may be in order. The materials are very good, but very challenging to get into a form I needed.

4 Stars
Excellent Study thus far

Guide was excellent. Not sure what the reviewer was saying about guess is she didn't select collate when printing multiple copies. I was able to print the copies I needed (after purchasing them) without a problem. The study is good - the speaker engaging. Our group found that even though the answers to the questions about the video were pretty straightforward, they did generate conversation and discussion. The life questions were also engaging and though-provoking. We look forward top see what the remaining lessons have!

3 Stars
Download not paper friendly. Waste too much space and paper

I am the staff person who orders in the materials and was disappointed that the download had to be sorted and separated. There were 87 pages to be copied for class members. If you're going to offer downloads, please consider reformatting the product as it is a lot of wasted space on the page.

3 Stars
A Simple Study Guide

Guide gives a very basic reflection of the Video Lesson

5 Stars
very helpful

This is an excellent study tool.

4 Stars
Excellent study guide

Excellent study guide

5 Stars
Outstandting Study Guide

Romans' Study Guide is very clear and verse-by-verse analysis gives much needed deeper understanding and context!