Tommy Nelson’s Roman’s Vol. 2 Bible Study: The Letter That Changed the World (DVD Set)

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We no longer carry the study guides for this series in paperback form. When ordering this DVD set it will not include a free study guide. 

The most important idea in the Bible is how a Holy God can get a sinful man into Heaven and not compromise who He is. Romans tell us just that! It sits as Master of the House before all of Paul's writings. It is the Bible in miniature. It is the most important singular document ever penned by man and only inspiration could make it so.

Romans Volume 2 includes: 10 thirty minute sessions on 4 DVDs that covers chapters 9-16. Each session contains verse by verse teaching by Tommy and a brief closing that will set up your group discussion.


Israel's Rejection of God
Israel's Darkness
Is God Finished with Israel? Part 1
Is God Finished with Israel? Part 2
Christianity: What it Looks Like
How Are We to Respond to Government?
Christians Canonizing the Conscience, Part 1
Christians Canonizing the Conscience, Part 2
Missions: The Gospel is a Universal Language
The Common Love of Christ

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5 Stars
Tremendous Resource for continued Bible Study

Tommy Nelson, being the HOF quarterback he was, does absolutely the best understanding for those of us needing it. His way of bringing humor, and relating other incidents only emphasize his knowledge and make him an even better teacher.

5 Stars

I found the dvd's to be very helpful for my study of the lesson.