Jonah: You Can't Outrun Grace - Full Series + Study Guide

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Are you running from God? Jonah tried. His story is a short, bizarre, powerful tale, dense in Biblical theology, showing us that we can never outrun the grace of God. That is good news! Join renowned Christian teacher Paul David Tripp as he reveals timeless truths and practical applications of the Book of Jonah.

In this complete kit of Jonah: You Can't Outrun Grace, you get:

  • Eight 20-minute sessions
  • Jonah: You Can’t Outrun Grace Study Guide 
  • Session 1:What controls your heart?
  • Session 2: Do you have God’s heart?
  • Session 3: Have you encountered God’s uncomfortable grace?
  • Session 4: Has God’s grace changed you?
  • Session 5: What is your potential?
  • Session 6: What does God’s love look like?
  • Session 7: Do you want what God wants?
  • Session 8: What does it mean to follow God?
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