Elyse Fitzpatrick - Individual Summer Study Bundle (1-2 Viewers)


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For 1-2 Viewers

What could be more important in the life of a Christian woman than being a joyful student of the Bible and living with an eternal perspective?

This Individual Streaming License allows you and one other person to watch seven (7) sessions of video teaching from trusted Bible teacher Elyse Fitzpatrick. Purchase today and stream any time, as many times as you want, and from any device until July 31, 2018.

What's In The Bundle?

Four (4) video sessions from Women Delighting In The Word - Elyse will help you enjoy your Bible study like never before as you begin to see Jesus on every page

Three (3) video sessions from Heaven: The Home You've Been Waiting For - Elyse will whet your appetite for the life that is to come and inspire you for the life that God is calling you to live right now!

Dr. Paul David Tripp says, "There's something Elyse does better than anyone: she elaborately describes the stunning glories of what heaven will really be like. It brought tears of longing to my eyes."

Nancy Guthrie recommends it, too! "As someone who grew up in the church and studied the Bible, Elyse not only expanded my understanding, she fed my longing. This is something I will recommend again and again to those who long to understand what awaits believers beyond this life."

Purchase your Elyse Fitzpatrick Summer Study Bundle today and watch for your personal devotions this summer!

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